Positive Affirmations for Fertility & Conception : Downloads Only

Positive Affirmations for Fertility & Conception : Downloads Only

Trying to conceive can because so much anxiety and feel stressful at times. While this may be doing more harm than good, you may feel lie you can't help it at times.


You cannot control what happens out there but you can control what you allow into your mental and emotional space.


"If you really understand how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thing again"

Tolu the Midwife 


Speaking positive words to yourself has been proven to change your thought patterns and create new ones.


Erase those negative thoughts with positive affirmations daily.


Repeat your positive affirmations till it becomes your dominant thought process. 


The "Positive Affirmations for Fertility and Conception" pack includes: 

  • 21 x affirmation cards.
  • Instruction cards
  • Each card is 5.8 x4.1 inch 
  • Available in PDF and Jpeg


Available as a download instantly £10


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