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Award-winning antenatal classes

and birthing support services



Every woman deserves to have a fear and anxiety-free pregnancy and labour.

We aim to inform, support and empower expectant couples on their journey to parenthood through our childbirth preparation classes and birthing support (Doula) services. There is a class for everyone. 

Delivering a positive pregnancy and birthing experience as you transition to parenthood. 

Informed women and birthing partners make informed decisions. They feel empowered and confident in their pregnancy, labour and transition to life with a newborn baby.

We support and empower parents through:

  • Antenatal birth preparation classes.

  • Virtual midwife support services

  • With Woman Birthing Services 

  • Dads antenatal class, #DadsAntenatalNg

We have a class for everyone.


The transition from Woman to Mother Through the Beauty of Childbirth.


Childbirth is a daunting prospect for most women. Our entire lives, we’re force-fed twisted media ideas that birth is traumatic and horrifying. But here’s the thing – giving birth is the most organic physiological process in the world. In fact, it’s the only reason any of us are here…

Your body is more than capable of birthing life without medical intervention – and you CAN have a positive birth that leaves you feeling empowered and accomplished while bringing your child into the world the way mother nature intended.


At the Maternity Hub (Nigeria), Tolu the Midwife prepares mothers-to-be with empowering childbirth preparation classes. We know you are probably feeling anxious about pregnancy and birth – but there’s no need to be scared. Far from it.


We are here to support you throughout this journey from woman to mother, giving you the tools and ancient wisdom you need to birth with confidence and strength, just as millions of women have done before.

What's included? 

  • Holistic and evidence-based advice and support

  • Guidance from a qualified and experienced midwife

  • Access to a community of fellow women and birthing warrioresses

Just because other women have had negative birthing experiences, doesn’t mean your story has to be the same. Yours is still waiting to be told, and it can be whatever you want it to be. Let’s make this a positive story of empowerment and positivity – a story you’ll be proud to tell for generations to come.


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