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Call the Midwife is a maternity helpline that offers advice and support to pregnant women and new parents. Our friendly and professional midwives provide personalised, non-judgmental and confidential advice via phone or video calls. 

Call the Midwife Helpline is available as a one-off consultation for that ultimate peace of mind with a midwife at your fingertips. 

Call the Midwife in three simple steps. 

STEP ONE:         

Choose your subscription 

STEP TWO:        

Enter your details and make payment*

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You'll be redirected to self-book a suitable consultation with Tolu the Midwife.


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The "Phenomenal Mother" affirmation pack.


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Having a baby is a special time for you and your family whether you are having your first or fifth baby. Like all parents, you want to do everything possible to ensure you have the best pregnancy, safe delivery and a healthy baby.

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, life starts to change. Initially, it’s a staggering change as you process the awesome news but you may notice anxiety starts to seep in as your world becomes filled with many unknowns. You are not alone.

You suddenly have to make so many serious decisions while your life is changing forever. It can feel quite daunting. It needn’t be. It’s normal to have lots of questions and concerns when you are not sitting with your midwife or obstetrician.

As a midwife, I believe being “With Woman” means being your support system through your pregnancy journey (doula). It is holding your hands and reassuring you every step of the way.

Being “With Woman” means providing you with all the evidence-based information and supporting you to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birthing options.

It gives me great joy to support you and your family as you transition to parenthood.

I am dedicated to ensuring you have a beautiful pregnancy, a safe delivery and a healthy baby.


I am delighted to introduce our NEW and EXCLUSIVE services.

We have the following new services:

  • The Virtual Midwife

  • “With Woman” Platinum Package

  • “With Woman” Birthing Package

  • "With Woman" VIP Package-Coming Soon!


Packages start from £900


I am here to empower and support you as you transition to parenthood in a relaxed and confident manner. You deserve to have a positive birthing experience and I would love to support you on this journey.


Tolu the Midwife

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