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Tolu the Midwife Healthcare Solutions offers a variety of classes through the Maternity hub to help expecting parents learn more about pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. 


Our childbirth preparation classes are midwife-led sessions that follow a thoughtfully curated antenatal syllabus “Transition to Parenthood” created by our lead midwife, Tolu. They are a great way to prepare for the arrival of your baby as they reduce stress and anxiety and help you feel more empowered and excited going into your birth experience.


The courses cover a wide range of topics within antenatal, labour, delivery, and postnatal periods. Our antenatal classes are online. However, we offer group sessions for corporate organizations in a relaxed and comfortable environment while the private one-to-one sessions are usually held in your home or a place of your choice with one birthing partner.


Overall, our classes increase the chances of couples having a positive birth experience.


Some of the benefits include: 

  • Learn how to stay healthy during pregnancy

  • Learn practical parenting skills to care for your newborn baby

  • Boost your confidence and prepare for the transition to motherhood

  • It is a good time to make friends with other expectant parents who are due to have their baby around the same time as you

  • Speak with an experienced health professional in a non-clinical and relaxed setting

  • Learn what to expect in labour, delivery and transitioning to life with a newborn baby

  • Reduces stress and anxiety about childbirth

  • Raise any concerns/questions which you may have not asked at your antenatal appointments.

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Some of the topics covered include: 

Labour and delivery 

  • Living healthy in pregnancy, diet, nutrition 

  • Preparations for labour

  • Signs and stages of labour

  • Pain relief options

  • Alternative pain relief methods

  • Breathing and relaxation

  • Partners role during childbirth

  • Labour and birthing options 

  • Complete birthing preferences 

  • Induction of labour

  • Caesarean Section

  • Complications during childbirth


Postpartum: It's all about you mama

  • What to expect in the postnatal period

  • Caring for yourself

  • Postnatal recovery

  • Emotional and mental health (Baby blues and postpartum depression)​

  • Sex after childbirth 

Your newborn baby

  • Bringing baby home.

  • Care of the newborn baby, cord care/wake-sleep pattern/bathing/nappy changing.

  • Common newborn conditions 

  • Discuss normality, deviations from the norm and when to seek medical assistance

  • Feeding your newborn baby: breastfeeding, expressing breastmilk, formula feeding, feeding support and expectations


A what to expect course for labour, delivery, and postpartum.

In this course, we teach labour and delivery coping techniques and discuss options for handling pain. You'll learn breathing techniques and get a lot of evidence-based information on how to distract yourself. We also let you know the basics about medical interventions and possible complications that may arise.


Labour with Confidence equips you with all the information you need to have a more satisfying childbirth experience. We address your fears and teach you about the stages of normal labour and delivery.


It is 7-hours long, self-paced, and has over 70 videos covering everything you'll need to prepare you for labour, delivery, and life with your newborn baby. 

Click, book, and learn. 

You'll be re-directed to to start the course. 


We also provide bespoke one-to-one private classes. A private session offers the perfect opportunity for you to work with Tolu to tailor the classes to your specific needs. All classes are scheduled according to your convenience.

The private one-to-one classes offer three sixty-minute sessions over three weeks. 

The sessions are usually held in the comfort of your home, online, or a place of your choice* with one birthing partner.

*Physical classes are only available in Lagos, Nigeria and London, England. Please contact us before making payment. 


 We help workplaces to support their employees through their pregnancy journey by offering on-site antenatal classes for your staff. This also benefits the organization as it becomes recognized as a company that invests in the well-being of its people, and this, in turn, improves the productivity of its employees.



We often get so wrapped up with pregnant women, men are unconsciously side-lined. The fact is you are having a baby too!

And we need you here every step of the way. 


The benefits of the "Father Effect" are not spoken about enough. Many studies highlight the benefits of "fathering" including bonding with your baby, (even in utero) and contributing to your child's psychological and social outcome positively. 


Men are usually sidelined or excluded from the transition to parenthood. This can affect the way he supports his partner and bonds with their baby. The reality of the matter is, Parenting requires teamwork and there's a need to encourage men to be involved at every stage right from conception. 

At the Maternity Hub, we have created a class just for soon-to-be first-time fathers. In the classes, the dads-to-be learn about things like supporting your partner in birth and being a new dad. The classes are very relaxed and you get to laugh while you learn. Many men are relieved to find out that other men share the same thoughts and worries and this can be very comforting to a dad-to-be.

Click here to join the waitlist for the next class in Spring 2022.

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