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Our Brand Story

It was from reading an article that talked about the extremely high maternal and neonatal mortality rates in Nigeria that Tolu Adeleke became obsessed with contributing towards the reduction of the high mortality and morbidity rates through health education and advocacy in Nigeria.


So in 2018, despite living in London for almost three decades at this point and working as a midwife for over nine years, she decided to come back to practice as a nurse and midwife in Nigeria. It was disheartening for her to discover that many of these deaths could have been prevented if only the women had basic knowledge about antenatal care. This is why she created- Tolu the Midwife- to fill the gap, with the hope of saving mothers, babies, and communities.


Tolu the Midwife started by utilizing social media with a focus on pregnancy education, what to expect in pregnancy, labour and, delivery. She also used her platform to answer questions, share birth stories, and raise awareness on evidence-based healthcare delivery practices. 


The goal was to actively support expectant parents with the best possible care and advice in addition to enlightening them on what to expect regardless of where and who births their baby.


It later became obvious that general education alone wasn't going to reduce the number of mothers and babies who die; There was a need to actively support parents with the best possible care and advice. So in 2020, Maternity Hub Ng was created. 


Maternity Hub Ng began in January 2020 to educate, create awareness, drive improvement in maternity services, and in turn, save mum and babies' lives. Through the hub, we offer expert advice on everything from baby movements to pregnancy nutrition and empower women to have healthier and safer pregnancies.


We concentrate on sharing evidence-based knowledge on our social media platforms so that every expectant mum can have access to basic knowledge on what to expect.


However, it turned out that the dads were being left out. No organisations in Nigeria were offering specialized sessions for expectant dads yet. Society just expects men to understand the beautiful yet challenging changes that happen to women during pregnancy, to support their partners in labour and the postnatal period. All that without being taught, educated, informed, or even supported…


This is grossly unfair, drives men away and generational patterns are subconsciously repeated. Hence, our latest addition- #DadsAntenatalNg


It's been four years now and Tolu the Midwife has built a reputation in offering personalized antenatal care classes, dad antenatal care classes, and postnatal doula services for new mums. Tolu has been invited to many conferences to speak and was awarded the Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Service Award in the Year 2019 by the Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Awards.


Tolu the Midwife aims to continue to holistically empower, guide & support expectant parents as they transition to parenthood through evidence-based education classes. This is in addition to offering round-the-clock online maternity support through the exclusive "With Woman" packages.


Couples feel very reassured knowing that there is an experienced midwife available to answer all their questions and alleviate any anxiety or refer them to the hospital (if required).


You can take advantage of any of our services by calling +234 909 570 1164 or sending an email to


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Our Philosophy

We value social support and strongly encourage family-centered care and participation. Our goal is to save the mother, baby and community through health advocacy, health education and empowerment. When women are empowered and know what to expect, it increases the chances of having a positive birth experience and reduces the chances of maternal, neonatal and child mortality.

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