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14 Tips for Breastfeeding Success

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Breastfeeding is not a walk in the park for everyone. Some women find the first few weeks quite challenging.

Here are 14 tips to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.

  • Antenatal preparation is key! Book yourself and your partner/husband for antenatal classes/childbirth preparation classes. It’s important.

  • Build your postnatal support system while you are pregnant. Your key role will be feeding your baby and looking after yourself so you will need friends and family to look after you.

  • Start skin-to-skin from the moment your baby is born. Skin-to-skin is great for regulating your baby’s temperature, calms your baby down after delivery, initiates breastfeeding, and promotes bonding, regulates your baby's temperature, and much more.

  • Breastfeed within the hour (the first hour of birth). Research shows this increases the chances of exclusively breastfeeding for six months. It also helps the uterus contract to deliver the placenta and return to its pre-pregnant size.

  • Practice responsive feeding. Feeding your baby in response to his/her hunger cues and also based on your needs (e.g. before you go out or go to bed).

  • Ask your midwife to observe and support your baby’s latch and positioning during feeds for the first few days. Poor attachment and positioning may lead to cracked nipples and make breastfeeding feel like a nightmare.

  • Try different breastfeeding positions. Your comfort is extremely important when feeding.

  • Learn your baby’s hunger cues such as face pointing towards your breast, smacking lips, hands around your mouth, or fussing. Attempt to feed your baby before he starts crying because it may be harder to settle and feed him.

  • Adopt an “I’m learning a new skill mindset”. You are a new mum with a new baby and you are both learning a new skill, be patient and keep practising.

  • Join pregnancy support groups. Having a newborn can feel lonely sometimes especially when people have stopped visiting in droves. A great pregnancy support group creates a platform to speak to other mothers and share evidence-based tips.

  • Book a lactation consultant or have one on standby to answer your breastfeeding needs.

  • Stay hydrated and eat well-balanced meals, this affects your milk production. Set reminders/alarms to eat and drink if you have to, that’s ok.

  • Ask for support as often as you need it. It makes the world of difference.

  • Be patient with yourself and your baby. You are learning a whole new routine.

Check out our services. We offer all the above and much more. We'll love to support you to achieve your breastfeeding goals. Also feel free to share this with your sisters, friends, wives, and colleagues. That’s your way of supporting their breastfeeding goals.

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