5 Common Newborn Problems

Updated: Apr 20

As a new parent, or even an old one, you might not know what to do when your baby comes down with a cold or has diarrhea, or you don’t even know why your baby has been crying all day, and you can’t seem to figure out the problem and you’ve probably heard hundreds of old wives’ tale, concerning newborn problems, well this post today is not to debunk the tales just yet, but to tell you how to identify the problem and what you can do to make your baby feel better.

Here are some common newborn problems:

1. Jaundice

Jaundice is a condition that involves the yellowing of a baby’s skin, and eyes. Jaundice normally presents within 3 to 4 days after the baby’s birth. If it occurs in the first 24 hours, seek medical attention immediately.

Babies are born with excess red blood cells. They cannot get rid of it quick enough because their liver is not mature. This causes the waste product of the red blood cells bilirubin to rise up in the skin and causes the yellow color.

For most babies, jaundice usually resolves on its own within 10 days. If it doesn’t or your baby appears sleepy, restless, lethargic, not feeding, or difficult to wake, please see medical attention immediately.

Phototherapy (light therapy) is the first-line treatment for jaundice. Your baby will be put under phototherapy lights to break down and get rid of the excess bilirubin. In severe cases of jaundice, babies may require an exchange transfusion.

2. Colic:

Colic is a common newborn problem that can occur in a baby as early as two weeks after birth. Symptoms of colic may include excessive crying for more than 3 hours a day, fussiness, restlessness, clenched fists, and stiff legs.