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Tips to recover after a Caesarean Section (CS) and help your scar heal beautifully.

Whether you've had an elective or an emergency CS, the last thing you want is your wound breaking down or getting infected. Here are a few tips to help your recovery.


Airing your scar promotes healing and aids your recovery. This is very crucial especially if you live in a hot climate, the stomach can fold over (in the first few days following delivery) and creates a warm and moist environment for an infection to grow.

To prevent this, I recommend all women who had a CS air their scar for 15 minutes, three times a day. To do this:

  • Ideally lie almost flat on your back in bed or on a sofa,

  • Lower your underwear so the scar is exposed,

  • Gently pull your stomach upwards towards your face,

  • Hold in that position for approx 15 minutes. Then repeat another two times during the day.

Other important tips to help with a timely recovery:

◾️Keep the wound site clean and dry at all times.

◾️Do not need to put anything on the wound unless advised by your healthcare provider.

◾️Take a regular shower and pat it dry.

◾️Ensure your underwear does not sit on the incision/site itself. Ideally, you need big underwear that sits halfway up your tummy.

◾️Do not lift anything heavier than your baby.

◾️Take it easy but remain mobile and active. Short walks around the house or your neighbourhood. If you don’t mobilise you increase the risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a blood clot that develops in the deep vein in the legs, thigh or pelvis.

◾️Take your painkillers on time as instructed by your doctor at least for the first two weeks. You can also set an alarm because it's easy to forget and get caught up with your new baby.

◾️Hold a pillow over your stomach when you cough, it will ease the pain/pulling sensation.

◾️Maintain a well-balanced diet, plenty of fibre rich foods.

◾️Drink at least 2 litres of water.

◾️Remember, it can take up to 6weeks for your CS wound to heal “properly”. The outer part should heal quicker but the internal healing continues.

If your wound has an offensive smelling discharge, is hot to touch or inflamed, please contact your healthcare provider immediately.

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