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Laide’s Positive Birth Story

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Exactly 3 months ago today my husband and I welcomed the most adorable miracle from God @aydree_el.

I had prayed to have a vaginal delivery but 39weeks into the pregnancy I went for a regular checkup as my instinct kept telling me something was wrong, I packed my hospital bag then headed to the hospital with my sister.

On getting to the hospital I was admitted immediately as I was low on fluid and my baby wasn’t kicking anymore.

I was on 1cm for about two weeks when the doctors finally decided to induce me into labour from 1cm it moved to 4cm then to 7cm but to my surprise, I was stuck there for almost the whole day.

When the contraction pain kicked in I kept saying “I CANT DO THIS” because my body kept rejecting contraction, my sister @teephoenix would cheer me up and encourage me, she stayed with me all through praying, pacing around.

The nurses came in because I was shouting at the top of my voice ( trust me I can’t describe this pain, menstrual cramps is still learning ) I kept saying I won’t take EPIDURAL and the nurses were staring at me like why on earth is this lady suffering herself! Each time I was contracting @aydree_el heartbeat kept dropping putting him at risk.

I can’t even remember when I shouted “I NEED THE EPIDURAL“ that thing works like magic because I slept like a baby but I woke up and was still on 7cm. They tried everything to ensure I had a natural birth.

The Holy Spirit already spoke to me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to push because I was weak, it was like watching GREYS ANATOMY when about 6 nurses and doctors came in brought in the papers to sign and they had to rush me to the operating room to have a CS.

Before I blinked my eyes I heard a cry and I saw my precious munchkin in front of my face, the procedure was so fast and I started asking myself why dint I opt for this from the scratch! I’m so glad to have used one of the best hospitals.

"I was sad I didnt have a natural birth but I said to myself, Laide, there is no award for vaginal birth. the most important thing is your life and that of your baby"

Today's positive birth story and pictures have been reposted from Olaide Ibonye with permission. Olaide is a Lifestyle Blogger, Influencer Mom and Content


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