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Oluchi's Positive Birth Story

"As a first-time mum, I made it a point of duty to always affirm positivity on my baby’s bump.

So on that day, I was due for a check-up because I was 39wks +3days. Got to the hospital by 1.20 pm, the doctor checked me and ask if I was feeling any sort of pain, my answer was no cause I was perfectly ok.

He then told me that I was 4cm dilated and that I shouldn’t bother going home, I was just there gisting and eating lol...he came back by 8 pm to check and I was at 6cm by then I was having minor contractions that I wasn’t even paying attention to, he then asked if I wanted to speed things up or wait.

I opted to speed things up that was when he gave me oxytocin and told me he will come to check me in the next four hours which will be by 12am but around 11.30 pm, I started having the urge to push....

.....told the nurses and they thought I was joking cause according to them I'm supposed to be screaming and pulling my clothes.

I had to call the doctor myself and that was the first time they heard me scream.

Got on the delivery bed by 11.49 pm just before the next wave of contractions, I had my baby at 11.51 pm after two strong pushes. Positive affirmations really help." Oluchi

Do you have a positive birthing story? This can also be a caesarean section (CS) ladies. Please share with us via and empower other women too.

Thank you xoxo

Photo credit: Tolu the Midwife’s team.


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