Let's Talk About Pregnancy Mood Swings

Updated: Apr 20

There is no doubt that pregnancy brings along many challenges and changes, both physical and emotional. Although the last ones are a bit more difficult to perceive, many pregnant women agree that their emotions and mood undergo changes that can be as challenging as the physical symptoms.

But what causes those mood swings? Why are pregnant women often so emotional? Keep reading this post and find it out!

Multiple Causes

The mood swings that pregnant women experience can be caused by different factors, including alterations in hormonal levels, physical discomfort, and concerns associated with the baby's arrival.

Increase in estrogen levels

Rapid changes in hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone, are among the main causes behind mood swings. During the first trimester of pregnancy, estrogen levels multiply, increasing by more than 100 times.

Estrogen participates in the brain chemical serotonin process. This hormone is often associated with happiness. However, studies have shown that its imbalances can take women to the opposite extreme, causing emotional dysregulation.

How estrogen and serotonin interact with each other has not yet been defined. But changes in estrogen levels have been linked to mood imbalances for years, especially when there are anxiety and irritability.

Increase in progesterone levels