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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

As we know pregnancy is a delicate state and the health of a pregnant woman is very important. She requires an adequate diet that includes vitamins and minerals to nourish her and her baby. This week, we'll be looking at the importance of zinc (mineral) in pregnancy.

Zinc is an essential mineral that can be found naturally in foods we eat or can be taken as a supplement. This has a lot of benefits for pregnant women.

Some of the benefits include;

● It helps in boosting the immunity of the woman.

● It aids wound healing.

● It helps in the development of the placenta.

● It helps in devolving the cells and tissue growth of your baby.

● It also helps improve DNA structure and function.

What is the essential dosage for zinc in pregnancy?

The general dosing of zinc is between 11mg-12mg depending on the age of the woman. Zinc can also be found in foods such as meat, yogurt, avocado, dairy products, eggs, whole grains (oatmeal), nuts, almonds, meals fortified with zinc, kidney beans, etc.

Like any other mineral, it should not be consumed in excess quantities as this can have adverse effects on the body such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

When there is a deficiency of zinc, it can lead to malformation of the placenta, and this is not good for the development of your baby. It is important for you as a pregnant woman to ensure you take adequate amounts of zinc every day in order to ensure the proper growth of your baby.


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