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Nay's Positive Birth Story

"The night before I gave birth I had a surge of energy. I cleaned the whole house, went grocery shopping, organized and washed all the baby’s clothes.

I believe this was God preparing me for the birth, I have no other explanation for all this energy especially when I was very fatigued the last few weeks of pregnancy.

12:30 am: I was woken up with lots of pressure in my abdomen and lower body.

3:30 am: At this point, I was up about every hour with trips to the bathroom.

6:00 am: I was woken up with a contraction, but I didn’t know if it was a Braxton hicks or the real thing.

7:00 am: I waited an hour before waking up my partner. So for an hour straight I had consistent contractions and I knew something was happening.

7 am-11:00 am: I laboured at home. This was our plan all along. For a natural unmedicated birth, they advise you to labour as long as you can at home.

-there is no rush to go to the hospital unless you experience bleeding, water breaks, or you feel intuitively that something isn’t right. I had my baby during the pandemic so I knew the less time I spent at the hospital the better. I laboured in the bed, the shower, the floor, everywhere lol.

11:30 am: We made the call to head to the hospital

Noon: we arrived at the hospital and they checked me. I was 8cm dilated

1:00 pm at this point the contractions were so intense, borderline unbearable. I didn’t know if I could do this whole no medication thing, I was calling for the epidural, but little did I know it was too late for that.

2:00 pm: I felt a large urge to push, I could feel my baby emerging down and I knew I was getting closer and closer to meeting him

2:30 pm: I began pushing, I used 4-5 good long pushes and….

2:48 pm: Cairo was born!

I did experience some small tearing, but all in all, this was an amazing experience.

I was in control the entire time, my partner advocated for me when I couldn’t. We left the next day from the hospital, with no complications. Just a healthy baby boy and mama." Naomi

Do you have a positive birthing story? This can also be a caesarean section (CS) ladies. Please share with us via and empower other women too. Thank you xoxo

Photo credit: Tolu the Midwife’s team.


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